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Kingsman : The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service. I was surprised to learn that this movie is rated R. From the previews I thought it appeared to be a movie that would be PG13. Guess I will find out why soon enough. Stay tuned for a short review.



This was a very interesting movie. Of course this is based off of a graphic novel that I am not familiar with. Now that I have seen the movie I definitely want to check out the graphic novel. Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the sinister bad guy was quite odd. He was also lacking a proportionate amount of Mo-Fo’s as I am use to, however I am not sure if that would fit well with his character’s lisp in this movie which was also a little odd. I did enjoy the use of purple with his character which brought me back to unbreakable.

I feel as though I can not give this movie an accurate review without picking up the graphic novel. I did enjoy the movie. As we were leaving the theatre it went without saying, “That’s not what I expected.” yet we were definitely entertained. Also thanks to Rave we were given an opportunity to see the trailer for some new social media horror film which one viewing was more than enough.

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